The Dance Center of Queensbury

Official School Of the Adirondack Ballet Theater

Words from our Alumni

"My best dance moment was performing in the senior dance for the last time this past recital. Looking out into the wings of the stage and seeing the remaining advance dancers and even some of the intermediate dancers crying as well as parents and teachers was so heartfelt. There was not a dry eye in the audience and all six of us on stage had tears in our eyes. This moment made me realize how much I love dance and how it shaped me into the person I am today.  It also made me so appreciative of my time at the DCQ. I would not of wanted to spend fifteen years of my life anywhere else.  Everyone from the studio has such a special place in my heart and I am truly going to miss it." -Vicki Harris

 "My best dance moment was after I performed my first solo in the recital, it was such an adrenaline rush and I remember that I couldn’t stop smiling even as I was changing into my next costume."  -Rachel Hayes
"My best dance moment was being accepted, on the spot, to Marymount Manhattan College. This had been a dream of mine. One that I had worried was unobtainable. Being accepted and just feeling my eyes well with tears of joy in front of the entire staff was almost surreal. It was a feeling of euphoria." -Nicole Woodcock
" I would like to thank you, Diane LaBruzzo, for the fantastic experiences my granddaughter Victoria Harris has had for the past 14 years in your Dance Center. Diane, you are a true professional. The commitment to your students has made Vicki love and cherish dance so much that she will be continuing this aspect of education and enjoyment during her College years ahead. I applaud your dedication and loyalty to all the beautiful ballerinas who have passed through your hallway and I know that it will continue for many more years in the future. We look forward to your performances and continued devotion to your students. I am confident our younger granddaughter Allison Harris, who is presently attending your Dance Center, will also have the same wonderful experiences as her sister Vicki had. Thank you Diane, you are well loved and respected by all of us parents, grandparents, and friends... With profound regards, a very grateful Grandmother"  - Sunny Ferro
“The Dance Center played a huge role in my life growing up. It helped me to become more outgoing, more physically fit, and left me with a handful of lifelong close friends.” – Colleen Brearley
“My thirteen years at the Dance Center were by far the best of my life. Nowhere else can you find teachers who are willing to go so far out of their way to make sure you get the best possible all-around dance expeience. The nurturing environment allowed me to prosper socially, and I can honestly say that the best friends I have today are all girls who I met at the Dance Center. Best of all, I never felt pressured to be a certain way and was never insecure about myself. I was always encouraged to just “dance from the heart” and dance because I love to, not because someone else wants me to.” - Jessica Morrissey
“What I love about dance is that it is what you make it. It’s not about getting the principal role, how many turns you can do, or how high you can leap. Those are the details, and they can be taught. But the way you feel when you dance, the way the stage lights blind you as you leap into darkness, the pure and beautiful emotion of that one second—these are moments that will last, that will become your passion. Dance is the expression of each girl’s beauty within…in the end; it truly is about dancing from your heart. And it is something you carry with you for the rest of your life.” - Kristen Rafferty

“I would love to say that without the professional, intense, well rounded training I received from the Dance Center meanwhile having the caring, family like atmosphere , I would never be where I am today which is an employed dancer in NYC for the past 14 years and now a principal dancer with Martha Graham Dance Company. I feel so connected to the studio even today. I love to come back and perform for them.”

- Jennifer DePalo

"I’ve taken with me from the Dance Center of Queensbury two of life's most important lessons: the rewards of honest hard work and the importance of letting your passion shine through.  The DCQ has the faculty and the capabilities to push their students to achieve their best and more, but nothing will be accomplished in the absence of true determination in the eyes of the students themselves.  In turn, this hard work will remain meaningless until the student realizes their passion in life and lets that shine through themselves and their dancing for the world to see, because only then are you most simply and purely yourself." - Krista Scimeca

“The Dance Center was more than a place I learned to dance. I gained qualities like dedication and responsibility that are applicable in all aspects of my life. My most valued reward I gained at the studio is the friends who became family that I will keep forever.”

- Kiera Stewart