The Dance Center of Queensbury

Official School Of the Adirondack Ballet Theater


Open Classes / Private Lessons


Summer Dance Party

Disney Dance Days

Dive into Dance Camp with Disney’s Moana & Ariel


Ages 3-4, Instructor:  Diane LaBruzzo

9:30 am Creative Movement

9:50 am Ballet Barre/Center

10:30 am Snack/Bathroom Break

10:50 am Tap (MW) Tumbling (T/Th)

11:20 am Video (M/Th) Motor Skills/Dance Activity (T/W)

11:00am Children’s Museum (F)

12:00 pm Class End


Ages 3-, Instructor: Audrey Burkhardt

9:30 am Warm-up/Stretch

9:50 am Ballet Technique

10:20 am Creative Movement

10:40 am Break

11:00 am Tap (MW) Tumbling (T/Th)

11:30 am Video (M) Terminology (T)

Dance Activity (W) Dance History (Th)

11:00am Children’s Museum (F)

12:00 pm Jazz

12:30 pm Class Ends (M-Th)

12:00pm Class Ends (F)

Summer Intensive

Ambassador Choreography Camp


Adult Modern

Adult Ballet

Adult Tap

Adult classes are BEGINNERS CLASSES, but students with some dance experience are welcome! 

Each Class is a 6-Week Session: $45 (minimum of 3 pre-registered to run the session)

Drop-In Rate: $10

PLEASE PRE-REGISTER for the session by calling the studio at 518 798-5058, we are located at 79 Warren St. Warren Street Square Glens Falls NY 12801.  We accept CASH, CHECKS, and CREDIT CARDS.  Please make checks payable to The Dance Center of Queensbury.


30 minute class $8.00

45 minute class $12.00

60 minute class $15.00

Dance Camp Program #1 $90.00  • Daily Rate $20.00

Dance Camp Program #2 $110.00 • Daily Rate $25.00

Summer Intensive $140.00 • Daily Rate $30.00

Adult Ballet/Modern/Tap $45.00 (Six Week Session)

Drop in Rate $10.00

Private Lesson $45.00 • Semi-Private $25.00 per student -1 Hour

Five Class Pass $70.00

Fill out form and drop off or mail to 

The Dance Center of Queensbury

79 Warren St, Glens Falls, NY 12801


Children's Dance Programs

Preschool Dance:

(ages 3-4) Sixty minute class introduces pre-ballet skills, elementary tap techniques, periodic tumbling and creative movement. In addition your dancer will have fun with sing-a-longs, crafts and dance activities

Children's Ballet/Tap:

(ages 5-6) Focuses on the elements of ballet and tap technique appropriate to the child's physical and intellectual development. This program incorporates creative movement, song and dance activities, tumbling and introduction to jazz throughout the season

Children's Combo Ballet/Tap/Jazz:

(ages 6-7) Designed for the intermediate beginner, focusing on elements of ballet, tap, and jazz technique. At this level your child is introduced to more skills, terminology and advanced movement activities

Tumbling Time:

(ages 3-7) Designed for the beginner, focusing on basic techniques for acrobatics, building the student's motor skills (both gross and fine), as well as strength and balance

Each class designed specifically for your child-The goals of each class are to:

1. Create a love of dance that develops into a lifetime desire and appreciation of music and dance in a structred environment.

2. Create a warm, supportive environment where freedom of expression is encouraged.

3. Exercise the body and mind

Our Tap Program is based on the Al Gilbert Tap Syllabus. The Al Gilbert Graded Tap System simply makes teaching tap easy. Never has there been a system so organized and logical that has proven to effectively teach tap to young and old alike in such a fun and simple manner. There are 10 levels in all beginning with simple shuffles and flaps and progressing to more advanced wings and pullbacks. Each step is broken down in a systematic, fool-proof way making learning exact and easy. Each level builds upon steps that have been learned in previous levels. This syllabus routinely and properly trains each dancer to advance from beginning exercises to advanced combinations with ease.

Level I: 

In this and the following levels, the dancer begins more ‘serious’ training, appropriate to their physical and intellectual maturity.  The Level I dancer is an advanced beginner or graduate of our elementary program.

Level II:

Low intermediate, having completed Level I syllabus. 

Level III:

Intermediate, having completed Levels I & II syllabus. 

Level IV:

Advanced, having successfully completed Levels I, II, & III syllabus, and two years pointe technique.


Dancers are promoted to pointe work at age 11, and after completion of Level I and II ballet syllabus.   Dancers who attend pointe class must attend a minimum of two ballet technique classes per week on a regular basis

Private Lessons:

We hold private lessons weekly.

Please call for scheduling and times.